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Canadian Lawyer June 2020 – Legal Coaching: Disrupting the Status Quo

The Lawyers Daily March 2021 – Advice for the Career Weary

BarTalk CBABC Feb 2021 – Legal Coaching as an Alternative

The Lawyers Daily April 2021 – Access to Justice: Who Needs It & How You Can Help

National Self-Represented Litigants Project March 2021 – Legal Coaching

The Lawyer’s Daily May 2021 – Coaching Versus Lawyering

The Lawyer’s Daily June 2021 – I Don’t Like Mondays

The Lawyer’s Daily Sept 2021 – What Makes Lawyers Happy

The Lawyer’s Daily Oct 2021 – Going Virtual, Paperless: Is It Really That Scary?

The Lawyer’s Daily Dec 2021 – Developing Client-Centric Practice

The Lawyer’s Daily Jan 2022 – I Can’t Afford to Hire Me!

The Lawyer’s Daily March 2022 – Lawyers Who Offer Limited Legal Services

The Lawyers Daily July 2022 – Above All, Don’t Pester Your Lawyer

The Lawyers Daily Sept 2022 – Innovation Sandbox: Threat or Opportunity?

The Lawyers Daily Nov 2022 – Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Other Realities of Practicing Law

Law360 Canada January 2023 – Tragic Consequences of NDAs

Canadian Lawyer Magazine Feb 2023 – The Use of Non-Disclosure Agreements to Silence

Law360 Canada Feb 2023 – AI Won’t Replace You…But Somebody Using It Might

Law360 Canada April 2023 – Garnering Support for Victims of Abuse and Harassment

Law360 Canada May 2023 – Who Among Us is Living in an Ivory Tower?

Law360 Canada June 2023 – Lawyers Behaving Badly



Real Talk March 20, 2021 – Legal Coaching

CBC Early Edition with Stephen Quinn – We Hear from a Lawyer Who Wants to Prohibit Misuse of NDAs

CBC “As It Happens” Feb 2023 – Interview on NDAs

Can’t Buy My Silence Mar 2023 – Screening of “She Said” and Panel Discussion Led by Jo-Anne

Special Committee of the House of Commons Year of the Co-Operative (testified before the Committee, 2012)

Press Conference, Senate (Ottawa, Canada) May 2023 – Introduction of new Bill by Senator McPhedran and Jo-Anne Stark

The Every Lawyer Podcast: The Misuse of NDAs – Canadian Bar Association

Legal Coaches Podcast – Canadian Bar Association (June 2023)

2nd International Roundtable to End the Misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements (Sept 2023)



National Magazine March 2022- Self-Representation Done Right

The Valiant CEO Aug 2022

National Magazine Feb 2022 – Removing Regulatory Barriers

Certified Coaches Federation Success Story – Featuring Legal Coach Jo-Anne Stark

CBA National Magazine Jan 2023 – What’s Up for Debate at the AGM

CBC Feb 2023 – Lawyers Across Canada Approve Groundbreaking Resolution

The Star Vancouver Feb 2023 – CBA Will Advocate To End Use of NDAs

Toronto Star Feb 2023 – Non-Disclosure Agreements Can Be Abused

Happy Lawyer Profile July 2023 – Not Your Average Law Job



Canadian Lawyer Magazine Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada (2022)

American Legal Technology Awards (2022)



Canadian Bar Association BC Branch – over 30 submissions to BC Government, Courts and Law Society on advocacy initiatives, in co-operation with volunteer lawyer members (December 2019 through June 2022)



Regulatory Innovations to Improve Accessibility, Affordability and Quality  of Civil Legal Services In Canada (Feb 2022) – Canadian Bar Association

Principles to Prevent Misuse of NDAs in Cases of Abuse and Harassment (Feb 2023) – Canadian Bar Association

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