Certified Legal Coach Training For Legal Professionals

10 Modules | 24 Sessions

Are you a lawyer or a paralegal who wants to offer coaching to self-represented clients who are struggling to manage their own legal problems? Are you unsure of how to build a business plan, or even how to structure and run effective coaching sessions? This on demand course is for you!

Originally developed as a live, interactive 12-hour training program run over the course of a single weekend through the Legal Coaches Association, this recorded on-demand Certified Legal Coach training program is for those busy legal professionals interested in learning how to build a business to offer affordable legal coaching to self-represented clients! Learn the tools of positive psychology as you partner with your clients in regularly scheduled coaching sessions as they move through their legal matter. Build trust and empower your client while enjoying a satisfying career with a steady stream of income. Join others as we disrupt the legal industry and introduce legal coaching as an affordable limited legal service!

Legal coaching is an innovative practice model that is a type of limited legal service. It involves a trained legal professional working in partnership with the client to provide guidance and mentorship on tools and strategies needed for the client to manage their legal issue. It involves an ongoing relationship for the duration of the client’s matter and involves the client performing the work under the guidance and support of a legal coach. In this program, you will explore the intersection between law and technology, while developing new skills to deliver affordable legal coaching services to clients.

The modules and resources provided will cover:

Module 1: Introduction to CLC Training
Module 2: Access to Justice
Module 3: Self-Represented Litigants
Module 4: Positive Psychology
Module 5: Coaching Tools
Module 6: Setting Up A Coaching Practice
Module 7: Mitigating Risks & Next Steps

The initial modules and sessions will focus on WHO – really understanding the needs of the middle class who are facing everyday legal problems! This untapped market is currently seeking limited legal services to help guide and support them as they manage their own legal work. Knowing your client, their pain points, and what they are willing to pay for limited legal services services will lay the foundation for the rest of the program. You will begin building your own legal coaching plan by clearly defining who your target market is, and by describing your ideal client.

Next, the modules and sessions focus on the science of positive psychology and tools of coaching to motivate and empower clients. This is all about WHAT legal coaching is (and isn’t)! You will build a tool box of techniques designed to assist you as you begin coaching your clients.

The last module and sessions are about HOW – more specifically, how you will be setting up an inexpensive business model as a legal coach that will allow you to operate anywhere, efficiently. Using off-the-shelf technology options and effective marketing strategies, you will learn how to increase awareness of legal coaching services, while building your personal brand. We have helped many lawyers and paralegals transition into legal coaching – some going on to developing their own solo coaching practice, while others incorporate legal coaching as a new service within an existing practice. Those that complete this CLC training program may request to write a short quiz, and apply to be a member of the Legal Coaches Association, whose mission is to build awareness of legal coaching internationally! The current requirements for admission as a Certified Legal Coach to this non-profit are found on the Legal Coaches Association website.

Self-care is important for your clients as they navigate their legal journey – but equally important for those providing legal services! The rise of mental health illnesses and troubling news of drug and alcohol abuse in the profession is of importance to the Legal Coaches Association and its members – and this training program includes several sessions to remind you to take care of your mind and body!

Please note that the recorded modules are divided into easy-to-follow sessions, some including worksheets that you will use to plan your own legal coaching practice.

The CLC training has been operating since 2020 and has received excellent feedback from legal professionals who want to have a way to deliver legal services remotely and more flexibility in their scheduling and income streams; it has been approved in several jurisdications for CPD and CLE credits.

PLEASE NOTE: The Legal Coaches Association is a trade association of lawyers and paralegals who offer legal coaching – it is not a regulator of legal services. Always check with state or provincial regulators of legal services to ensure that you are able to offer legal coaching in your area, or whether you will require special permission through a sandbox or pilot project.


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Disclosure: Individual’s experience may not represent the typical participant. Your background, education, experience, and work ethic may differ. The testimonials noted in the attached resources and brochures are were unsolicited comments from participants (who were not paid to provide a testimonial) and are used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary.

About the Trainer

The training program will be facilitated by Jo-Anne Stark, B.Comm, JD, CLC. She has spent years developing legal coaching as an affordable and effective method for helping everyday people with everyday legal problems. She is the published author of The Art of Legal Coaching and has spent the last several years as facilitator of the live weekend Certified Legal Coach training program, partnering with the Legal Coaches Association, where she has trained other lawyers and paralegals to empower self-represented litigants.

She has a passion for improving access to justice and this has opened doors for thousands of people to find affordable legal help. Her business and legal education and experience has received high praise from legal professionals who have transitioned into legal coaching.

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