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PLEASE NOTE: Stark Solutions is not taking individual legal clients at this time.


For People Seeking Legal Help:

We have prepared a free 30 minute webinar to get you started on your legal journey. Simply enrol in our Mastermind platform and receive access to the recorded webinar to get you started on your journey!

For Lawyers and Paralegals Seeking Training to Become a Legal Coach:

We have prepared a free 40 minute webinar to explain more about legal coaching and how it offers an affordable solution for middle class people facing everyday legal problems. Learn more about the Certified Legal Coach training program as well – now conveniently available in on-demand format through a 9-hour recorded series. Simply enroll in the Mastermind platform to access these programs and begin offering legal coaching services to the public!


Please reach out to us using the Contact Form below, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours!


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