Navigating Your Legal Journey Series: How To Manage Disputes Effectively

4 Modules | 16 Sessions

Unlock the secrets to solving your legal problems…discover the tools and resources you need to resolve your legal dispute with confidence!

Are you struggling with a LEGAL PROBLEM and don’t know where to begin? Are you concerned about the high cost of hiring a lawyer to represent you in a dispute? There are millions of people just like you, currently grappling with everyday legal problems. Imagine, for a minute, feeling in control of your legal dispute and being able to access just the right amount of legal help when you need it most! This is your opportunity to finally take control of your legal journey, and to map out an effective plan of action to resolve your dispute. Learn how to hack the legal system, using tips and tools designed for those of you facing a legal challenge!

Hi, I’m Jo-Anne Stark. I have spent years developing legal coaching as an affordable and effective method for helping everyday people with everyday legal problems. I am the published author of The Art of Legal Coaching and the facilitator of the Certified Legal Coach training program through the Legal Coaches Association, where I train other lawyers and paralegals to empower self-represented litigants. I’ve also been a legal client myself, struggling with a significant and expensive legal dispute – so I know your pain! I had many sleepless nights when I went through my own divorce – and as a lawyer I also saw the impact of legal problems on the lives of my clients. My program for improving access to justice has opened doors for thousands of people to finally find affordable legal help – and now I am bringing this directly to you, in these informative modules that will help guide you on your path!

Through these recorded modules, you will:

  • craft your goals and learn how your core values impact your decisions as you navigate your legal journey
  • learn the different types of legal service providers who can assist you – and the pros & cons of each
  • discover ways to work more effectively with your legal service provider to save time and money
  • understand the steps to build your legal case … whether you are working with a lawyer or on your own
  • learn more about court processes and how to prepare evidence and witnesses if you need to appear in court
  • develop ways to manage your emotions and practice self-care throughout your legal journey

This course includes downloadable worksheets that you can use as you progress through your own legal journey. The sooner you learn the steps to managing your legal problem, the sooner you will SAVE TIME & MONEY on legal expenses!

Having a lawyer work through every step of a legal dispute can cost tens of thousands of dollars; this course is available to you now, for less than the cost of an hour with a lawyer.

If you have a legal dispute you need to address, this course should be your very first step!


I’m here to educate and empower everyday people facing everyday problems. But don’t just take my word for it: here are testimonials from past participants of my live training programs:

Purchase the entire set of modules today for only $397 CAD (plus GST where applicable) and start mapping out your own legal journey!

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*Individual’s experience may not represent the typical participant. Your background, education, experience, and work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary. NOTE: These modules are intended to educate and empower people managing everyday legal problems and disputes: Jo-Anne is only licensed to accept individual clients for legal coaching within the Province of Saskatchewan due to regulations for the provision of legal services for specific legal matters.

Recordings and materials are subject to copyright and cannot be distributed without express permission of Jo-Anne Stark.

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Disclosure: NOTE: This course is not intended to take the place of independent legal advice from a qualified legal advisor; it is only intended to provide basic information about managing legal problems. If you require assistance with your particular legal problem, please reach out to a lawyer in your jurisdiction who is qualified to provide a legal opinion or legal advice to you.

About the Trainer

The training program will be facilitated by Jo-Anne Stark, B.Comm, JD, CLC. She has spent years developing legal coaching as an affordable and effective method for helping everyday people with everyday legal problems. She is the published author of The Art of Legal Coaching and has spent the last several years as facilitator of the live weekend Certified Legal Coach training program, partnering with the Legal Coaches Association, where she has trained other lawyers and paralegals to empower self-represented litigants.

She has a passion for improving access to justice and this has opened doors for thousands of people to find affordable legal help. Her business and legal education and experience has received high praise from legal professionals who have transitioned into legal coaching.

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